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Imagine what it would be like if you could have a personal stylist

in your pocket to help you get dressed in the morning?

Now you can do just that!

Join the service and you will be able to:

  • Clear out the clutter from your closet with a specialist.

  • Save time getting ready in the morning by have your looks pulled together by a professional stylist.

  • Learn new ways to wear the clothes you already own.

  • Add items to your collection that compliment what you are currently wearing.

  • Cut back on unnecessary spending while building a carefully curated wardrobe.

The service is simple and revolutionary. It starts with meeting your stylist and arranging a closet clean out. You will then have all the items in your closet cataloged. Once your virtual closet is created, you will receive either three or six lifestyle appropriate looks every Sunday from items you already own. In addition, every month you will get suggestions of at least one item to add to your wardrobe and enhance your current collection. The selections will be personally tailored to your individual needs based on conversations with your stylist.

To Love Style will change the way you dress… and shop.

Don’t waste any more time!